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June 15th, 2011

Novel Destination: Australia

by Carrie
The JCPL didgeridoo workshop

A Kentucky Down Under staff member teaches JCPL teens to play the didgeridoo.

JCPL began our week-long exploration of Australia yesterday with a visit from Kentucky Down Under and their baby kangaroo. While here, Kentucky Down Under staff taught JCPL teens how to make and play their very own didgeridoo.

As of this post, there is still room in tomorrow’s virtual field trip to Reef HQ’s Great Barrier Reef, live from Queensland, Australia at 7 p.m. Click here to register.

Want to learn more about Australia? Check out the following resources:

Online Resources

  • For information about the didgeridoo, try the website of iDIDJ Australia, the “Australian didjeridu cultural hub.”
  • The Australian Museum’s website presents Stories of the Dreaming, a movie gallery of stories handed down since the beginning of time by Australia’s indigenous people.

Library Resources

"Chasing Kangaroos" book cover "A Reef in Time" book cover